Essay about Movie Review : ' Goodbye '

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On August 27th 2013, I was laying down watching a movie with my two siblings Antwon and Destiny when we heard a loud knock on the front door, we all looked at each other and jumped up. We made our way to the front door and my little brother says “Amber don’t open it momma said not to open the door for anybody while she’s sleeping “. I look out the peephole and see two officers and an older lady with them. I stood there silently for about 5 minutes I knew what was to happen but I wasn’t prepared. “Hello is any one home”? The women yelled. I quickly opened the door and say “What do you want? She stared at me and my siblings and said “Is your mother home”? My little sister yells “SHES IN HER ROOM I’LL GO GET HER”! I and my brother look at each other with a frown. This was going to be the day we got taken from our mom. My little sister goes to get my mom up while I and my brother wait. A Good six or seven minute had passed when my mom came around the corner into the living room, eyes blood shot red, hair everywhere with a mean mug on her face. “Why are you here I thought this was over with”? she said. The lady looked at the officer then looked backed at us and said “Mrs. Williams we are here because we have to remove your kids from this home”. My little sister destiny was only 4 at the time so she didn’t understand what was going on but me and my brother knew what this meant. My mom Looked at us with her blood shot eyes and said “Well take em”. The lady looked at us…

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