Movie Review : Go Ask Alice Essays

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Teenagers have felt the pressure of drugs and the need for social acceptance for decades. Many choose to cope by internalizing their emotions or acting out. In the 1970s, one young teenager, who remains anonymous but is referred to as Alice, decided to document her personal descent into drug addiction in a diary entitled Go Ask Alice. While there is some debate on the authenticity of the story, the powerful message of the dangers of drug abuse remains relevant. For over forty years, this book has exposed teenagers to the horrors of drug addiction and clearly illustrates the pressures of fitting in, sex, and alcohol. However, despite the enlightening nature of the diary, the book has been deemed controversial since its publication in March of 1971. The use of vulgar language and explicit descriptions of both sex and drug highs have caused multiple bannings and challenges across the United States. One of the first bannings took place in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1974 where schools banned the book due to “objectionable language and explicit sexual scenes.” (American Library Association) Following this, school libraries in Saginaw, Michigan (1975), Eagle Pass, Texas (1977), and Trenton, New Jersey (1977) also chose to remove Go Ask Alice from their shelves for vulgar language and sexual scenes. (ALA) In 1983, Osseo School District in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota challenged the book and later had it removed from school libraries “when a school board member found the book’s language…

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