Allegory In The Lorax

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“A tree falls the way it leans. Be careful which way you lean.”-The Lorax In the film/pop culture genre, Dr.Seuss, a classic children’s books author, is the inspiration for the Lorax, which is a well-known and loved film. The way it is put together shines the truth through kid-friendly lenses- it’s reality but just put in a way for children to understand. It is quite a profound allegory for the impact of our actions and the swift modernization of society on the environment, and how we have to remember to give back what we take. Seuss is simply stating that we have to take care of Mother Nature just the way it’s taken care of us since the beginning of time- it’s given us enough, and more- but for humans, unless there is somebody who truly cares, …show more content…
Atlantic cod became an endangered species, and the federal gov’t put a quota on the amount of cod to be fished. Eventually overfishing took its toll on Newfoundland and Labrador- fish spawning couldn’t keep up with the amount of fish being taken out, and poor gov’t managing of fish industries, and the introduction of trawlers and draggers (foreign fishers) destroyed communities and the gov’t put a moratorium/ban on cod fishing in the area-in essence, a culture that depended on fishing for survival. 40,000 people lost their jobs and communities are still struggling to recover. It is easy to connect this example/history examined in the course to the movie because The Once-ler’s industry collapsed due to “over-consumption” of resources- in this case it was Truffula trees which went extinct through the process of deforestation. The Once-ler was like the “foreign fisherman” who came and took resources from the “native” peoples (in this case, “animals”)/people/residents of that area- he brought his massive, fast and efficient tree-chopping machine (trawlers and draggers), destroyed communities and habitats (The Lorax’s home, and habs. of all animals e.g. Barba-loots, Swomee-Swans, and Humming-fish)- and the land was left barren, still struggling to replenish all the resources lost and the ecosystems destroyed. Just like how over-fishing caused the destruction of communities, major-deforestation without considering the dwindling supply led to the destruction of species, their habitats, and the Once-ler’s beloved

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