Essay on Movie Review : Alien Horror Movies

830 Words May 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
Although I didn’t take much advantage of being able to see movies for free, during the seven months I worked at a movie theater, I’ve spent countless hours surfing Netflix. Some of my favorite genres are suspense, thriller, and horror. One specific type of movie I like is alien horror, so I’ve decided to review my top 3 alien horror movies. The aliens have so much room for interesting design, and means of being scary, these movies can be very diverse. Often times, these movies are set in space, which allows for more suspense to be packed in. The movies I chose to review are; Alien, The Thing, and Europa Report.
I chose these three movies because I think they are much-watches for people who like alien or horror movies. Alien and The Thing are over thirty years old now, but they are still great movies today. Europa Report is a recent movie, but it’s consistently impressive visuals, and unique styling set it apart. To review these movies, I came up with a set of criteria.
Most of the criteria is self-explanatory, but there are two that I feel I should explain. If you’ve ever yelled at a horror movie, because a character decides to go off by themselves and explore that creepy place away from the group, you understand the “because movie” moment. A “because movie” moment is when a character does something stupid or out of character for the purpose of moving the plot forward. Why? Because movie. The other criteria I should clarify is the “gross-out factor.” This rating doesn’t…

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