Essay about Movie Review : ' A Walk At Remember '

1924 Words Apr 30th, 2016 null Page
Some critics do not do justice to the movies because because critics tend to be harsh on movies that they do not meet their standards. A movie does not need to meet the critics’ standard, but instead meet the audience standards or what the audience want from the movie directors. The movie A Walk to Remember is about a young woman who finds love with an immature boy from the wrong side of town, but soon discovers that she only has couple of days to live. Critics have given the movie “A Walk to Remember” by Adam Shankman a 4.1 out of 10 stars (Rotten Tomates) which does not any justice to the movie. American critics gave this movie a 4.1 rating, but what about the critics or the rating in other countries? In America this movie might be predictable, boring, and weepy, but in a country like India this movie would be a break through for the film industry. Besides the fact that critics gave the movie A Walk to Remember a rating, it deserves a revaluation because it is a vacation from other movies, the movie shows skills of the actors, and the movie has unexpected twist to it. A Walk to Remember would leave the people of India dumbfounded because this movie would show everyone in India that everyone needs to open their mind. India is a third world country with people who have conservative thinking. Parents in India will not let their kids go to movie theaters because parents think their kids will be influenced by violence and sexually scenes. In India it is thought that going to…

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