Movie Response : Separate And Unequal Essay

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Movie Response:
Separate and Unequal The documentary Separate and Unequal focus on creation of St.George on East Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The creation of St.George district becomes controversial because of the impact of racial and economic diversity in the local community. A group of predominantly white upper-middle class parents decide to create its own city and school district called St.George. Those who support St.George argue that the creation of the district is to have smaller communities that are directly connected to the school system. Those opposing the St.George project suspects the creation of the district is to re-segregate the school system. The impact of S.George and segregation levels in the school system is due to the predominance of white residence in the proposed area, in contrast to African americans in East Baton Rouge being the majority. The economic diversity also plays a large role in the creation of St.George. A large part of the residents in the proposed city of St.George are high to the middle class. Due to their social class, they are more able to afford high-priced homes and own property. The opposite is displayed in the city/downtown area of East Baton Rouge, where many of its residents are poor to lower-middle class. Again, due to the social classes associate with East Baton Rouge, residents are most not able to afford costly homes and are more likely to be a tenant and not own property. It is important to understand the impact of home cost and…

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