Movie Million Dollar Baby Directed By Clint Eastwood Essay

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Risk taking is inevitable in life, and one may choose to face those risks directly or ignore them due to the fear of unfavourable, unexpected events. Avoiding risks in life can be detrimental to grasping opportunities, however, one must carefully evaluate the risks being taken to prevent negative outcomes. In the movie Million Dollar Baby directed by Clint Eastwood, the characters carry out the action of taking risks. Eddie risks his money on gambling when he should be using his financial savings on more useful things such as proper clothing and housing. He also took the risk of putting his trust in Maggie and helping her. Maggie risks injuries and financial debt for the sake of pursuing her dream of becoming a boxer, despite rejection and people trying to talk her out of it. On the other hand, avoiding risks can lead to heartbreak and sadness. Frankie avoided bringing his fighter, Willie, to the championships to get the title because he was scared he was not prepared yet. This fear eventually led to Willie leaving Frankie for a new trainer. This event however has led to Frankie training Maggie, and allowed her to become a strong fighter until her last moments. One must assure that the positive consequences of risks being taken outweigh the negative ones, but avoiding risks altogether can lead to vital opportunities slipping away.
The negative effects of risk taking can be seen through Eddie, who risks his money on gambling, an addictive problem that affects many. When Eddie…

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