Movie Analysis : ' When The Joker ' Essay example

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Scene: When the Joker crashes Harvey Dent’s fundraiser and targets Rachael Dawes because no one knows where Harvey is. The 360 degree turn of the camera emphasizes Rachel’s struggle to over power the Joker and his struggle to maintain it. The Joker has his knife at Rachel 's mouth to not only show his dominance to her but to how that while he looks silly dressed like a clown, he is serious. While he knows that the rich guests are not scared of him, a criminal, he does not try to instill the same fear into them as he is Rachel. However, she is not the only one to speak out against him as another man had done so less than a minute before. Yet, she is the only woman to not show fear. This is when the Joker realizes that her confidence does not come from her being outspoken but from knowing that she will be protected. The struggle is not actually intended to be between physical Rachel and the Joker, but rather the person who the Joker knows will protect her, Batman. The 360 degree turn is also one of the longest shots in the scene, adding to the amount of tension that the turn of the camera is creating. The viewers know that Bruce Wayne is Batman, and because the party is being hosted by Mr. Wayne is it expected that Batman will save Rachel before anything happens to her. However, because the Joker has enough time to torment the guests, and threaten Rachel, the tension in the scene increases as viewers begin to question where is Batman? Will he save Rachel in time? Why is…

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