Movie Analysis : ' V ' For Vendetta ' Essay examples

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The first step to any problem is to identify that there is a problem. Government have been a very delicate system people of generations have dealt with. It seems like in history it has always been the government that start the wars, or at least it comes back to the government. In V for Vendetta, V who is the main character of this film, hi-jacks a television station that has an emergency channel and gives his revolutionary speech. Within this speech he gives some reasons on why his government may be corrupted. He helps the people of London to identify the problem. He tells the city to help him on his quest to open people’s eyes for this corrupted. He also asked them to “remember the fifth of November.” He lists many problems but the three main ones are the right of free speaking which have been censored by the government, fear has over run their thinking of what is right for them and what is wrong, and he tell the audience who is to blame for the situation the society is in.
The freedom of speech has been seen throughout the course of history. In this day in age the viewer might think of North Korea. North Korea is one of the most censored country in the world. Without the voice of the people how does one know if the government is sufficient? In this video V exposes to the people that they don’t have that right anymore. They are censored to certain things such as they cannot say anything against the government. Which in the movie the people find this acceptable because it…

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