Movie Analysis : The Outsiders Essay

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For my film analysis, I chose to analyze the movie “The Outsiders” directed by Francis Ford Coppola and based on the novel “The Outsiders” by S. E. Hinton. In this movie, a gang of outcasts from the north side of town called the Greasers are always fighting against a rival group called the Socials, who are the rich jocks from the south side of town. The story follows two young Greasers, Johnny and Ponyboy, who aren’t like the others. These two see that fighting is pointless, but it’s just the way they live their life. The two boys get into a fight with some Socials and end up killing one. They have to go into hiding, and while in hiding, end up saving the lives of some young kids in a fire. The youngest boy, Johnny, gets messed up pretty bad in the fire and doesn’t make it. Then, another member of the Greasers, the toughest one, kills himself because he cannot handle the thought of Johnny dying. Through all of this, you learn that it doesn’t matter whether you are a Greaser or a Social. Both have the same problems, and fighting each other will not fix any of that. Ponyboy (yes, that is his real name) is the main character in the film. He isn’t viewed as a big leader, but he still portrays some leadership qualities. He is the youngest of all the Greasers, so he looks up to all of them. Johnny is the closest to his age, only two years older. Anytime Johnny is upset (usually about his parents always fighting) Ponyboy is there to cheer him up. In this way,…

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