Movie Analysis : The Film Babies Essay

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The film Babies, that we watched in class, was a very interesting and a great example of how cultures differ in communication. It was amusing to watch the cultures that majorly differed from my own. The most surprising part of this film was the way parents raised children in Mongolian culture and Namibian culture. When going in to the film, I expected exactly what the movie was about, which was exploring very interesting cultures and the different ways of raising children within them.
The beliefs, values, and cultural norms in the cultures somewhat differed from what I am used to. I felt that I was raised in a similar way to the baby in Japan, Mari and the baby from San Fransico, Hatti, but I wouldn’t rely on toys or baby seats to keep my child occupied. I don’t believe that objects help them to remain distracted and they can get in to trouble if we don’t pay attention. For example, in the film the mother of Hattie left her baby in a child’s seat that hung in her kitchen door way while cooking. The baby could possibly hurt itself before she noticed her doing something dangerous. I believe you should always keep your eyes on and be around your child, more similar to Namibian culture. My culture majorly differed from both the Namibian and Mongolian cultures way of raising children. Even though I believe collectivism is important, Namibia still has many things that are not a norm, belief, or value of mine, mainly the factor of hygiene. In many ways, you see the children do…

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