Movie Analysis : ' Sound Like America ' Essay

1312 Words Apr 11th, 2016 null Page
Zootopia? Sound like America Zootopia, a Disney’s computer-animated movie that was recently released. The movie was about a police bunny, Judy Hop, who teamed up with a con-artist fox, Nick Wilde to solve a mysterious case of missing animals. They put away their differences and worked together to find out who kidnapped the animals and who was responsible for turning these missing animals into savage animals. The movie took place in Zootopia, a metropolis where animals of all kinds live in harmony with one another. The animals in the movie had human-like characteristics. They speak English, walk on hind legs, wear clothes, go to school, go work and have a family just like we all do. Throughout the movie, Judy Hop kept repeating the motto “Zootopia, where anyone can be anything”, does this sound familiar? This motto was referring to America. America was well known for “the Land of Opportunities, where anyone can be anything”. Zootopia was nothing more than America in animal forms. Zootopia was the reflection of America. They have what we have; they have ZNN, Zoogle, Targoat, IPaw, SnarlBucks and we have CNN, Google, Target, IPad, and Starbucks. They also have social issues that America have today and in the past. Zootopia was not just about two cute little animals working together to solve a crime, it was about addressing social issues. The movie was designed to tackle social issues in society such as racism and discriminations. In this paper, we will see how Zootopia’s…

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