Movie Analysis : ' Mean Girls ' Essay

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Many of us have seen the movie “Mean Girls”. However, when we saw the movie, what many of us did not consider much was the social influences that made girls mean. There are numerous psychological concepts that can be used to explain the girls’ behaviors and the environment that they were in. In fact, concepts such deindividuation and groupthink are influences that significantly shaped the girls ' actions in the movie. Although many of us were unaware at the time, these concepts were having an enormous impact on the interaction of the characters, and their participation in the social environment.
In cases you have not seen the movie, or do not recall it much, “Mean Girls” follows teenager Cady Heron as she enters high school for the first time at 16, after being homeschooled her entire life in Africa. Although Cady had spent much of her life in the African wilderness, she is unprepared for the complex social system she encounters in the High School environment. During her first days in school, Cady is befriended by a couple of social misfits and again by what many considered to be the most popular girls on campus (the plastics). After realizing that much of the High School environment resembles the hierarchical structures of the jungles she was raised in, Cady is forced into a battle of popularity and integrity that drastically shifts her understanding of the High School environment.
With regards to the first concept that characterized Cady’s interaction in school,…

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