Movie Analysis : Los Angeles Wave Essay

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Los Angeles Wave

Action approach to the water drought occurring in California, USA

Bird’s Eye view

“California 's Drought Is So Bad That Thousands Are Living Without Running Water”

Most of us are feeling the effects of the California drought from a distance, if at all: Our produce is a little more expensive, our news feeds are filled with images of cracked earth. But thousands of people in California 's Central Valley are feeling the drought much more acutely, because water has literally ceased running from their taps. The drought in these communities resembles a never-ending natural disaster unlike most disasters are, sudden onset, running their course over hours or days, and then you can clean up the mess. This thing has been growing for 18 months and it 's not slowing down.

The nine cities with the worst drought conditions in the country are all located in California, which is now entering its fourth consecutive year of drought as demand for water is at an all-time high. The long-term drought has already had dire consequences for the state 's agriculture sector, municipal water systems, the environment, and all other water consumers.

What does it mean by "no running water"?

No water is coming through the pipes, so when residents turn on the tap or the shower, or try to flush the toilet or run the washing machine, water doesn 't come out.

Who doesn 't have running water?

While a handful of communities across the state are dealing with municipal water…

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