Movie Analysis : ' Fight The Power ' Essay

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During the late 80’s an innovated film maker named Spike Lee created a revolutionary piece of cinematic history called Do The Right Thing. Lee not only directs this incredible film he also stars as the lead role named “mookie”. Unlike most films in the 80’s Lee exposes the audience to thing they aren’t used to seeing. He uses classical Hollywood cinema techniques to capture his film in a different way. For instance, an individual may notice the use of synchronized sounds, close up shots, and the camera being at eye level or angled. These are all techniques Lee used to expose his audience to a different type of film making while focusing on what race means in contemporary America.
One of the most important techniques Lee uses is the amount of music exposed in each scene such as the synchronized sound. During the opening credits of the film a song called “Fight The Power” played while one of the characters in the film danced to it. The girl dancing to the song is mixing in boxing moves which tell the audience a little something about the film. Additionally, the lyrics played contain a strong message that indicates that, the characters will no long tolerate inequality which ties into the films overall theme. As a result, Lee created a strong beginning to the film so that the audience is in tune with the films thematic statements.
After the credits finish the film begins at the radio station with Dr.Love speaking. Throughout the film the audience will notice that Dr.Love…

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