Movie Analysis : Crash The Movie ' Crash ' Essay

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In the film “Crash” the “Isms” were played out from the beginning. The first “Isms” I noticed was the car accident scene and the Chinese women tells the police officer “Mexicans don’t know how to drive” and the scene where the two African American males were walking out of the restaurant and one of the say that he wasn’t going to pay for a service where they didn’t offer him coffee because of his skin color, the other male individual was stating he didn’t get coffee because he did not ask for it not because of his skin color, both of these scenes are representing the racism “ism”. In society labeling is very common like it or not many commercials, television series show stereotypes of all races and as soon as society notices it is considered discrimination, this film is a demonstration on how all races black, white, Hispanics, Persians are prejudice holding in fear or anger towards each race.
The scene where the police officer meets with the African American women he gets upset with her because she does not please his needs so he insults her saying that he wonders how many great Caucasian men were over chosen to a black women, which represents not only racism but elitism as well. The scene when the Persian women is asking for any ammunition as long as it fits the gun and the Caucasian man makes a dirty comment “a dozen more that will fit any size hole, just depends upon how much bang you can handle” the other incident where the Caucasian police officer starts molesting the…

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