Essay on Movie Analysis : City Lights

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We are familiar with the statement that love, friendship and kindness are best exhibited by actions rather than words; and what best way to prove this theory than with a silent film. City Lights demonstrates the unspoken expressions of love through the actions of Charlie Chaplin and his devotion to help the blind women that stole his heart. Moreover, City Lights can captivate your attention from the start; in fact Charlie Chaplin’s unspoken word truly gives the viewer a complete glimpse at the unfolding story. My expectations of a silent film changed completely; all together with the idea that silent movies were only dull and dreary. In other words, the use of motion and the artistic movements of Chaplin gave color and life to his love story and his unusual friendship with a drunken millionaire.
As a first time spectator of a silent film I was attentive to all of the actors’ movements and facial expressions, different from all the other films I have watched. City Lights allowed the viewer to have a deeper interaction with the film, in other words the absence of dialogue give us an invitation to recognize emotions through the actor’s actions and expressions rather than spoken words. For instance, when we experience an embarrassing movement we tend to blushed and immediately a verbal apology is offered; on the contrary when Charlie Chaplin was found sleeping on the “Peace and Prosperity” monument he kept tipping his hat as an apologetic expression. Another key factor of…

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