Movie Analysis : ' Cat People ' Essay

1891 Words Feb 3rd, 2016 8 Pages
The exciting film that was made in 1942 became a suspense to the audience. This film made people wait till the final act to see what the monster really was. People refer to this movie as Cat People. Cat People was a film that had a major impact on some horror movies. The director played with shadow play, how Irena was the victim that got taken over, and how she was the monster all along. This film goes on to be pretty suspenseful. Through different qualities that Joseph Maddrey discusses they are clear in this film. Let’s take a look at exactly how Val Lewton produced this film, and what techniques he used throughout it. Irena the main female lady keeps telling her husband, Oliver, that something is not right with her. The film goes on to explain and show different phenomenon’s that go on with her. She tells the story of her home village Serbia. King John came to kill the cat people that lived there. Some people got away and ran to the mountains. These people are the ones that supposable turned into the cat people. They had part cat in them from King John. She tells him that she is afraid that she might be one of these cat people. Another episode that she encounters is when Oliver brings home a pet cat for her and its scared of her. The cat would not get out of the box, it kept hissing. Irena goes to the pet store and all the animals go crazy. When she steps out though the animals calm down. Irena is starting to tie things together in her head. At this point the film can…

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