Movie Analysis : Bell Hooks Essay

1646 Words Oct 27th, 2016 7 Pages
Everyone has been to cinemas for at least several times, and I found all the movies which attract me most are those which can make me think and imagine afterwards. Seeing the sloth moving in a slow-motion in the movie Zootopia, I thought about the idea that all the government officers lack efficiency. After watching Point Break, I imagine all the criminals breaking laws to help people. Bell Hooks’ concept is that movies give the reimagined version of the real and they have presence of social values. Movies that have both social issues and heroic figure can attract people and create values. This is applicable to Breaking Bad, because it is typically a set of TV series which includes a lot of today’s social problems and it also creates a tragic hero throughout the episodes. Movies always give us a reimagined version of the real, which looks very familiar, but they represent a different universe. Most movies depict a environment similar to ours with some certain social values. As Bell Hooks mentioned, most of us go to movies for entertainment and for entering a different world which we are comfortable with. However, in the darkness of the theatre, most audience choose to give themselves over to the images depicted and imagination created those images. They try to understand every aspect and detail in the movie, and they will have a very strong memorization in those scenes which reflect their daily life. This is basically why we are interested in movies and how…

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