Movie Analysis : ' A League Of Their Own ' Essay

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In the film, A League of Their Own, women in the time period are called upon and given the role to entertain the rest of America by playing the traditionally male sport or baseball. This film puts women in a powerful place for the 1940s. They are taking over men’s jobs: at home, in the work place and now in the entertainment industry. America finally has established the need for women in society now that they are out of men’s shadows. Although the need for women is greatly recognized in the film, this film also highlights the gender roles women are stuck in in day-to-day life and more importantly the roles they are stuck in when it comes to leadership.
The conflict of this film is quickly portrayed in the beginning when the recruiter is looking to find women to create a baseball team. In my eyes he is the first role of leadership the audience encounters. He holds the power to select which women, if any, that will be chosen to try out for the all women’s baseball league. Here we see the typically gender role that women are supposed to fill by being lady like, pretty and graceful. The recruiter only wants women that fit the gender role they have assigned to women who are also decent at playing baseball. The recruiter comes for Dottie who is a tall and beautiful woman that can play baseball. The recruiter is expected her to be passive, a typical role women play (Nelson 239). When Dottie is aggressive in not wanting to play the recruiter is taken back and shocked he was not…

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