Essay on Mountain Man Brewing Co.

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Mountain Man Brewing Company Case Report
Company Overview Mountain Man Beer Company (MMBC) is a family-owned brewing company that is the maker of Mountain Man Lager, or “West Virginia’s beer.” Mountain Man Lager is known for its reputation as a quality beer and is targeted throughout the east central region of the United States. Mountain Man Beer Company is in the second-tier beer industry, and known for its distinctively bitter flavor and slightly high alcohol content. MMBC’s competitive advantage is its brand equity, and value placed on its product. With brand playing a crucial role in the beer-purchasing decision, MMBC has had great success with its brand standing out as a traditional beer with a loyal customer segment, of middle to
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Furthermore, when you are experiencing sale declines all expenses need to be made with the utmost importance.
Cause/Outcomes and Alternatives Mountain Man Lager is known as being a man’s beer that was drunk by fathers and grandfathers and passed down due to socialization and brand formality. If MMBC launched a new light beer there becomes a chance of losing their main established consumers pride base of the brand, because the new consumers will not be apart of the Mountain Man image. Men that drink Mountain Man Lager drink it because of the image and feeling bestowed upon it. If a new light beer was introduced and a new younger audience came to become consumers the chance of the customers that built the image MMBC has, leaving to find another brand that gives them the feeling and brand parity they already have becomes extremely high. Mountain Man Lager is a traditional product, its one of those products that you do because your dad did and your grandpa did and your are going to teach your kids it too. Our market will always have a younger generation to appeal to, however it is marketer’s job to realize that younger customers grow into order ones who’s wants typically will change. Alternatives to these problems are for MMBC to launch their new light beer under a brand extension. With this idea MMBC can launch their new beer under a new brand name not affiliated with Mountain Man Lager so that it does not lose its loyal brand users.

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