Mount Vesuvius: Mother Nature And Mother Earth Are The True Rulers Of The Earth

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History and Science has showed us repeatedly that Mother Nature and Mother Earth are the true rulers of this world. The earth goes back over four billion years and the countless natural events that have occurred over this time have shaped the earth into the planet we live on today. Earth science is defined as the name for all sciences that collectively seek to understand Earth and the surrounding space. Lutgens and Tarbuck (2014) stated that Earth is a dynamic, ever-changing planet with internal forces that create earthquakes, build mountains, and produce volcanic structures. These natural events occur every day on earth, but several have been so grandiose in nature, that the impact on earth, society, and humankind was felt for many years that followed. …show more content…
Mount Vesuvius consists of a large cone that is partially encircled by a larger, deeper cone, which is the remains of an ancient somma volcano that has erupted and collapsed over time. Mount Vesuvius is located on Italy’s west coast and overlooks the Bay and city of Naples. Vesuvius stands about 4000 ft above sea level, and is part of the Companian volcanic arc, which is a line of volcanoes that formed over a subduction zone created by the convergence of the African and Eurasian plates (Ball, 2016). Vesuvius is classed as a stratovolcano because its eruptions are typically explosive and violent in nature, and are accompanied by pyroclastic flows. These flows contain a high-density mix of hot lava blocks, pumice, ash and volcanic gas. They move at very high speed down volcanic slopes and destroy everything in their path. Vesuvius has experienced eight major eruptions in the last 17,000 years, but none is more notes worthy than the eruption of 79AD. This eruption buried the nearby city of Pompeii and the town of Herculaneum and killed almost everything in its violent

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