Motorcycle Car Vs. Car Essay

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Motorcycle vs Car

When you hit the age of sixteen your life takes a turn for the better. For the typical high school student, varying between sophomore and junior year you get to experience a bunch of new things. You’re becoming or just became an upperclassman, you’re getting closer to applying to colleges, and all of that good stuff. However the one big thing that separates all the kids is the ability to drive. For most teenagers the first thing they learn how to drive is a Automatic car. That is so they may go take the test and be very familiar with what will be on the test they will be taking after they receive their permit. After a couple years after having their license a few more options open up, one being the option to go get your motorcycle license. For many they never even weigh this as a option or consider it, but for the small portion of people that do, go through a lot to make the decision and ultimately get a bike for the same reasons. When getting a motorcycle a few things will most likely make the decision, that being efficiency, price, entertainment and others. Only after knowing what goes into the options will your decision be easy and clear. So while some are fortunate to have both or be content with having one or the other, some are faced with the choice to pick having one.
Cars are very efficient, when you can drive them. It sometimes beats waiting for the train, bus or any other type of transportation. You can just get in and drive to your…

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