Motivational Theory Of Reading Perspectives Essay

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Motivational Category of Reading Perspectives

Motivational Perspective Definition Motivational theories focus on how intrinsic and extrinsic motivators affect reader success. These theories suggest that student engagement and investment are critical factors in long-term reading ability.
Description and Explanation of Motivational Theories and Models
Classical Conditioning Theory stresses learning through association. This theory suggests that a teacher who is consistent and repetitive with a particular stimulus in connection to a particular behavior will over time teach students to associate that stimulus with that behavior. Through classical conditioning, students can “develop strong feelings related to learning” (Tracey & Morrow, 2012, p. 42). Therefore, a teacher who demonstrates a positive attitude about, and creates excitement around, reading will create an environment that elicits a positive emotional response from students, and builds engagement and interest in reading. This theory can be classified as a motivational theory of literacy because it suggests that students can learn to associate reading with positive or negative feelings based on the stimulus provided by the teacher. A teacher who builds a positive emotional response to reading can spark student interest in reading and thus lays the foundation for reading achievement.
Engagement Theory emphasizes the important differences between engaged readers and disengaged readers. While engaged readers are…

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