Essay about Motivational Theories And Theories Of Motivation

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Motivational Theories What is Motivation – It is the process of stimulating people to actions to accomplish goals. In the work goal context the psychological factors stimulating the people’s behavior can be desire for money, success, recognition, job-satisfaction, and team work. One of the most important functions of management are to create willingness amongst the employees to perform in the best of their abilities. Therefore the role of a leader is to arouse interest in performance of employees in their jobs. The process of motivation consists of three stages: a felt need or drive, a stimulus in which needs have to be aroused and a when needs are satisfied, the satisfaction or accomplishment of goals. Therefore, we can say that motivation is a psychological phenomenon which means needs and wants of the individuals have to be tackled by framing an incentive plan.
In this paper we will discuss three motivational theories; we will describe each theory, including its history, foundation, model, application, strengths and weaknesses of each theory. We will explain options and strategies an organization can use to apply this theory to motivating employees. Finally we will select one theory to implement, and develop specific methods for implementation and explaining the rationale for the selection of this theory and your implementation design.
The first of the theories in this paper will be the Goal Setting Theories of Edwin Locke.

“In (1960’s, Edwin Locke) put…

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