Motivation : Motivation And Motivation Essay

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Motivation Motivation is often something many people feel comes from within one’s own self. This may be true, it is not one hundred percent factual. Motivation is a combination of what a person wants for themselves, what they can get from doing a task, and what others expect. There are many different theories of motivation, and to achieve motivation itself each person has links to more than one theory of motivation. Each person is motivated by different things and as the person ages the type of motivation usually changes. Sometimes people are motivated because there is a reward at the end, maybe because they know what others expect them to do, or sometimes it is because they simply want to do things for themselves. Different people will be motivated to achieve different task depending on their interest of the subject and what the goal at the end will be. As humans, we must find different ways to motivate others, we are around without damaging their identity. (Snowman, 2015)
The main point about motivation, I feel, is vital to remember is not all individuals are motivated by the same things. This is critical because if you keep teaching the same all the time and are never eager to change it might hinder individuals’ motivation whom you are around. You need to observe what motivates different people so that you can help them accomplish the goals they have set before them. Often, parents survey their kids and see them as the same, when in all reality they are different. Just…

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