Essay on Motivation, Motivation And Intrinsic Motivation

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There are three major forms of motivation, they are autonomous, controlled and amotivation. Autonomous motivation, is the motivation in which, the individual actively chooses to engage in an activity. Controlled motivation, is the motivation where internal or external rewards are what motivate the action to occur. Lastly amotivation, is a lack of motivation to perform an action. Intrinsic motivation is a type of autonomous motivation.Intrinsic motivation is motivation of enjoyment or internal pleasure for a particular activity. On the other hand there is also extrusive motivation, which is the motivation one may feel from the pressure to perform well in a particular task. It is hypothesized that interrogative self-talk, a form of autonomous motivation, will positively impact performance on a placement exam. Autonomous motivation is greater in terms of effectiveness in performance, as show in past research (Bureau, et. al, 2012). Bureau et. al. conducted research consisting of three total studies. The first study consisted of 240 university students, broken up into 158 women and 82 men all in different areas of concentration. The study was conducted by allowing the participants five minutes to complete as many anagrams as possible. After completing the anagrams the participants were instructed to fill out a demographic sheet, and a Situational Motivation Scale (SIMS), which tested for the motivation for a given task. SIMS tests for amotivation, intrinsic motivation,…

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