Motivation Is A Key Factor Into Student 's Education Essay

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“If student’s aren’t motived, it is difficult if not impossible to improve their academic achievement, no matter how good the teacher, curriculum or school (Alexandra, 2012). Motivation is a key factor into student’s education. It is defined as something that energizes, directs and sustains behavior, it gets students moving, point them in a particular direction, and keeps them going (Ormrod, 2008) If students aren’t motivated to learn they won’t absorb information and develop goals and dreams academically. There are many types, styles and theories to help motivate students in and out of the classroom. Motivation helps students develop and excel at expectations for themselves. Motivation is done both individually and within a group and both have advantages and disadvantages. Parents are also a huge influence on motivation for students especially with homework. Before students can be motivated there needs need to be met so they can successfully grow and learn in and out of the classroom.

Students have needs that need to be met and held to keep them motivated, Maslow’s Hierarchy Theory explains that there is 5 steps that can help students become motivated. The first is a child’s physiological needs such as food, water, air and sleep. Teachers can help by having extra food and clothing for students if needed. Second, the needs for physical safety or security, which could be home, school and community, ways teachers can incorporate this is classroom rules and consequences.…

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