Motivation in Sport Essay

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Know the effects of motivation on sports performance

“… the internal state which tends to direct a person’s behaviour towards a goal.” - (Kent, 1994)

“…motivation has been seen as having two aspects: it is what drives I’d to do things …and it makes us do particular things.” -(Woods, 1988)

Motivation can influence decisions, learning and performance in sport. If a performer is not in a positive psychological state, mistakes will be made in the performance, and they will not perform at their best level.

There are three types of motivation:

* Intrinsic

* Extrinsic

* Self-Motivation


This type of motivation comes directly from the performer. They are factors such as personal satisfaction
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Motivation differs from person to person and is unique, the two most common types of motivation are intrinsic and extrinsic.

Intrinsic motivation is innate, therefore an individual's interest is directed at certain activities and not at others. This may explain why participants have a sport in which they excel at. Athletes perform at their best, when they are intrinsically motivated. This shows, that the more motivated an athlete is the more work they are likely to achieve.

Extrinsic motivation is more common within sports, factors such as peer pressure and the offer of rewards is often more motivating that intrinsic factors.

Both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation can help to explain why people are so different. It is not only the interests of that participant, which can influence what sports they are more motivated towards but also the influence of their coach, family and possibly of the club or country they represent. Motivation can have major effects on how an individual carries out a certain task and how much effort is put in to it. Motivational basis of achievement can be quite varied, as there are some individuals that although are highly motivated may not be very successful. In this case encouragement must be given so that the drive to succeed is not lost. Participants who are motivated, are more likely to want to do their best, not only in the competitions, but also in the training.

More factors which can affect a players motivation

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