Motivation Concept Analysis Essays

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Motivation Concept Analysis Individuals are motivated by many factors that drive them to the need to fulfill their goals, expectations and desires. In the workplace, I’ve witnessed, including evaluating my own driven behaviors that acquire a driven mental philosophy, we strive to meet not only our own expectations, but the expectation of our peers or the outside world. This way of thinking can lead to a very competitive working environment that can either lead to an agreeable or disagreeable environment. Emelander (2009) states that motivation within the workplace will rely on four distinctive motives, such as the drive to acquire and achieve expectations, drive to bond and be involved in like
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There is much hype within the organization to bond to specific social groups reflecting your importance inside the company, yet, I’ve witnessed that individuals are driven by their peers as they share similar interest, behaviors, principles and other aspects of life. Our surroundings in the work place drive the need to feel a part of something, the feeling that your attributes are important and dependent on for success. Emelander (2009) says that the “drive to bond leads to interactions of healthy support among work teams, if supported with team-based rewards and professional goals” and “while the drive to bond is directed towards persons, the drive to learn relates mostly to work activities.” The bonding effect is not so promising within the workplace, therefore, there’s unbalance and hostility.
The need to acquire status, acknowledgment, power and status is very high in this workplace. Individuals spend an extensive time competition with one another and by creating and relinquishing this disturbing behavior in the workplace, there are numerous occasions where business decisions are not allocated, there’s a break in communication and the effectiveness of completion of projects are undesirable. Status is displayed as an importance by the car you drive, the home you live in, the bigger the office and freedom that comes from working hard specifically to weep the benefits by gaining a bigger

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