Essay about Motivation And Motivation For Motivation

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Motivation is important for my students because it helps maintain the classroom environment and helps my students have the desire to learn more. Students at this age have been extrinsically motivated to learn, while their intrinsic motivation has been dwindling. My job will be to encourage intrinsic motivation while avoiding extrinsically motivation to the best of my ability. Students will be able to find that by answering a tough question or completing a challenging project is a reward in itself, and help further motivate them to continue to learn and discover.
There are three basic psychological needs for Intrinsic motivation.
Competence is one of the basic needs. Students will start to understand how to achieve the correct answers and they will need to believe that they are able to come up with the correct answers. I will need to encourage my students to keep trying when they get an answer wrong and help them build their confidence.
Another need is relatedness. My students will need to be able to develop secure and stable relationships with others. I need to encourage students to play together and work together, while also encouraging them to come to me if they need any help.
The last need is autonomy. My students will start to learn how to evaluate themselves and their actions. Encouraging my students to understand that they can control their own actions can help them with self-determination and help them understand the material they are leaning.…

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