Mother And A Son By Langston Hughes Essay

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Mother to Son
The poem “Mother to Son” written by Langston Hughes and published in 1922 is a very inspiring poem of a mother speaking to her son about not giving up. The mother speaks about life’s hardships and encourages her son to keep going and to not give up. There are many different words and phrases that the mother uses to symbolize certain parts of her life and specific things she has gone through during her life. I really like this poem because of the love and wisdom this mother is sharing with her son through encouraging him through life and sharing her wisdom with him through her own experiences she has had in life.
The two characters in this poem is a mother and a son. The son seems to be at a point in his life where, maybe, a lot of things aren’t going the right way and he probably just feels tired, frustrated, discouraged and ready to give up. I think we can all relate to what the son is feeling in some way or another. I believe we have all been at a point in our lives where it feels like nothing is going right or it feels like nothing is going the way we want it to, and we’ve probably said “why me?” or felt like we want to give up on a specific thing or just give up on life in general. Some people go through worse things than others, but, none the less, we’ve all been in a situation where we feel exactly like the son is feeling in this poem. The mother in this poem seems to be a very wise woman who has experienced many hardships throughout her life. She also…

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