Morality Is What Guides Human Beings? Essay

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Morality is what guides human beings to know what is right and wrong; morality is what helps people come to a conclusion about their decisions to see if it is right. Throughout history there have been people who have addressed and emphasized these moral questions. These people known as philosophers have tried learning and figuring out what the answer to these moral questions are. People need common morality for the betterment of society, not for one’s self but for the better of society because if others stand up and act with common morality, others will follow and stand up for the better good of society. The most common example of someone standing up and changing the world with his morality is Jesus Christ. Jesus spread his teachings and was sought out by the Roman Empire who then crucified him, still holding on to his beliefs’ even during his crucifixion and inspiring people like Martin Luther King to stand up.
Another concept of to grasp of common morality is through the seven types of moralities that can be used to help benefit either yourself or others. The seven moralities all talk about different type’s moral philosophy and how each one can benefit the person, every person does not use the same type of moral philosophy and people use it in different ways, the way I see it is that people are different and have different ways of obtaining the satisfaction out of these moralities. Some can seek satisfaction from divine command, which talks that the act is right if it…

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