Morality Is Like Etiquette Inasmuch As It Is The Product Of Social Convention

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“Morality is like etiquette inasmuch as it is the product of social convention” (Shafer-Landau and Cuneo 81). For Gilbert Harman, a moral relativist, moral properties are the product of the agents within a given society. For these agents, an action is morally right relative to one group’s frame of reference and morally wrong relative to another. Bullfighting, the issue we are challenging, is viewed by many people to be morally wrong as it involves cruelty to animals that many would define as barbaric. In trying to think about moral relativism in regard to bullfighting, it’s useful to keep in mind the many differences in the moralities that people accept and live by. Moralities differ in what they imply about many controversial issues, such as abortion, capital punishment, euthanasia and etc. The question to ask, however, is that does each individual have the same moral-legal system at heart? According to Harman, the answer is simply, no - there cannot be a single true morality. Instead he believes that there are actually many varying moralities, just as there is not a single true language but many different ones. In this essay I will explain that despite the notion that different individuals in a given group have varying definitions of behavioral morals, it is their shared intentions as a group that ultimately determine how they understand and act out moral judgments. We will consider this notion in response to the morality of bullfighting in England.
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