Moral Relativism : A Moral Relativist Essay

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Moral relativism is the philosophical view that basic ethical standards, morality, and positions of what is right or wrong are simply based on culture; therefore, these positions are subject to a person 's individual choices. It also states that no standpoint can be proved objectively superior to any other. In other words, we can all decide what is right for ourselves because there is no foundational or universal set of morals to follow. Moral relativism states that if something is true to someone, than it is true and cannot be disputed by anybody; all people are freely able to choose what is “right” in accordance with their beliefs. These beliefs are solely based on their own thinking which has been shaped by his or her culture and upbringing. If one decides to become a moral relativist, it becomes impossible to criticize the behavior of others, because relativism denies that wrongdoings exist. In other words, if one believes that morality is a matter of personal definitions, then one can never judge the actions of others. Relativists cannot even object on moral grounds to issues such as racism or misogyny. Relativism is the ultimate pro-choice position because it accepts every personal choice—even choices that are clearly morally wrong.
There are three main reason why moral relativism has a negative effect on our world. First of all, it is clear that having no absolute truths in this world would lead to chaos and confusion among the masses. If people all had their own…

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