Moral Panic And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Moral panic is a social outcome that is implemented in accordance to the set of ideals that are connected in relation to the moral deterioration of society, and the rapid progression it is taking. Many sociologists have believed that moral panic is used as a distraction for society to guide their attention to another irrelevant social issue to keep the lower class calm and prevent any rebellious behavior, and any questions that may jeopardize the political system. This type of social fiasco is developed from time to time, what makes it peculiar is that it cannot be predicted, it does not obtain any social patterns it simply appears when least expected. The type of social behavior that alters societal order is seen as deviant and promoting ideals that seem as a threat (promote some type of social change) to the established ideals in society. Due to the occurring incidents, members in the community start gaining a grasp of the situation and how these changes can cause a major change in society, although these new changes would not favor those who control societal or political institutions. Having concise and concrete values established in society, it creates a homogenized atmosphere in where order is implemented and control over the people is easily facilitated by the dominant class. Obtaining traditional religious beliefs denotes a sense of oppression towards the lower dominated class, spreading these type of values into the community sets a sense of serenity for the dominant…

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