Moral Dilemmas And Ethical Issues Essay

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Pamela Warrick once said, “The difference between moral dilemmas and ethical ones, philosophers say, is that in moral issues, the choice is between right and wrong. In ethics, the choice is between two rights.” In today’s world with much technological advancement in technology and medicine, nurses are faced with many key issues and problems in the course of their practice that have the prospective to significantly influence their career. A major issue that most nurses and other healthcare givers in general irrespective of department or unit encounter is ethical issues. These ethical issues, even though may sometimes attract vague scrutiny, nurses faced with problems such as ethics, no matter how little, often times feel uneasy, troubled, and nervous. As a neonatal nurse, ethics is one aspect of my practice that tends to put my abilities, critical thinking skills, and judgements to test. In regards to ethical issues, I will base this problem specifically for the advocacy of skin-to-skin care. “Skin-to-skin contact otherwise known as Kangaroo care originated in Bogota, Columbia, in the 1970s as a method of caring for premature infants in the absence of incubators and other technical equipment.” (Bauer, et. All, 1996). Skin-to-skin contact is the holding of an infant naked upon the bare chest of its mother. The benefits or importance of this skin-to-skin contact cannot be over emphasized. Not only does this practice allow the baby get acquainted with its mother’s bacteria, it…

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