Moral And Ethical Conduct, Integrity, Accountability, And The Theory Of Nursing

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Moral and ethical conduct, integrity, accountability, and the theory of the effects of the environment on healing are fundamental to nursing professionals. The Board of Nursing and other professional organizations have always been essential to keeping these practices in place. However, The Board of Nursing and professional organizations have differences. These differences include the number of members, implementing regulations, issuing nursing licenses and providing support for nurses nationwide. The Idaho Board of nursing is a regulatory agency composed of 12 members which ensures public safety and nursing professionalism. The Board of Nursing helps protect the public by assuring that nurses are competent to practice. It regulates by having a detailed document with the Rules of the Idaho Board of Nursing. This document discusses everything from Title and Scope to Fees. The BON is responsible for issuing licenses to APRN’s, RN’s, LPN’s, and CNA’s. In addition the BON is also committed to protect the public by investigating allegations of violations to the Nursing Practice Act (Board of Nursing, 2009-2010). Allegations are investigated based on the jurisdiction the offence takes place in. If allegations are proven, the BON has the authority to revoke a license. Any individual who practices without a license can be fined and/or incarcerated due to the offence.
Professional agencies such as The American Nurses Association (ANA), is an organization to which any registered…

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