Monopolies During The United States Essays

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Monopolies in USA: Governments Should Intervene With the existence of an industry that is the only supplier of a commodity that lacks economic competition where other competitors can produce the service or good, and controls the total quantity supplied and its price; it becomes apparent that it is a pure monopoly. These corporations would then dominate the markets and hurt the consumer; however, in some industries, natural monopolies may occur where it is the most efficient way to do business to have one industry (where in most cities), are government owned or government regulated. These industries include utilities such as electricity, natural gas, cable TV, and the water company to name a few. In terms of a pure monopoly, what monopolies do we see in the United States and why are monopolies usually frowned upon by a government and/or economic view? According to a financial news and opinions article about the new generations of American monopolies, it discusses that when companies have an effective control of the market, it can set prices and suppress innovation among other competitors, depriving them to gain entry into the market (The new generation of American monopolies, 2011). Some of the monopolies that we currently see in the United States are Google search engine, Microsoft windows operating system, Netflix digital video streaming, and Sirius/XM satellite radio station in which all own 61% or more within their respective product market share. All of these share a…

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