Monogamy And Polygamy Has Been On Many People 's Minds Essay

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The question of monogamy or polygamy has been on many people’s minds. This choice between these two types of marriages is mainly dependent on how many spouses a person wants to be married to. The first type of marriage, monogamy, is marriage with only one person at a time. The latter is polygamy and is defined by David Knox as a marriage involving two or more spouses (2015). There are three different types of polygamy; Polygyny, polyandry, and pantagamy. Polygyny is when a man has more than one wife. Polyandry is when a wife has more than one husband. The last form of polygamy, pantagmy, is a group marriage. This is when everyone in the group is married to another.
There are many reasons that someone could choose the polygamous marriage style. According to Em and Lo polygamy is considered to be natural (Top 10 Reasons for Being – and Staying – NON-Monogamous, 2016). Polygamy has occurred in humans for much longer than monogamy and polygamy occurs more often in mammal than monogamy. Em and Lo also states that sexual orientation is fluid and having a polygamous does not make a person choose (Top 10 Reasons for Being – and Staying – NON-Monogamous, 2016). It allows a person to be free to choose their spouse. Another augment that Em and Lo uses is the fact that sexual variety is a basic human need. We see this in American culture though things like prostitution, divorce, cheating and pornography. There for polygamy is natural and is the answer for many adults.
First, polygamy…

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