Sodium Glutamate Research Paper

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Mono Sodium Glutamate
Monosodium glutamate, Most Commonly Called as MSG, is a Sodium Salt (C5H8NNaO4) of the Nonessential amino chemical p and glutamic acid. MSG used as flavour enhancer. it is previously formed by Wheat germs, Which may have 25% glutamic acid, but Coming from mid 1960s it is made by bacteria fermentation of carbohydrates. Seaweed also rich in glutamic acidity and the seaweed remove have flavour boosting properties from the past which is very use full. In 19012 Monosodium Glutamate was isolated for the first time. In the pure form, MSG looks as a white transparent powder.
Raw Material:
Pakistan have stick sugar and molasses used as raw material for Fermentation is a superb choice. A lot of other fermentation processes
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The crude starch milk is cleaned on many stage hydro-cyclones in con-current with water going out of the last stage as a pure concentrated starch slurry with 22o Azyklischer, zusamm enhän gender graph.
5. There is not necceory to dry starch. This is better to hydrolyse it instantly into and glucose syrup starch and sugars syrup replacing the molasses as the feed for microbes.
6. 1st step in this transformation is liquid-faction of the starch using acid or better using alpha-amylase. Employing this step we will hydrolyse the starch into smaller chains of polysaccharides with a ratter low Dextrose Equivalent setting up it for step.
7. The liquid-factions performed by a complete scarification to a high DE hydro lysate with amylo-glucosidase to an assortment of the monosaccharide dextrose and also smaller amounts of the disaccharide maltose and also lower polysaccharides. This kind of inter-mediate product will replace the beet and stick sugar in the fermentation.
8. With this method bacteria are grown aerobically in a liquid nutrient solution with the starch sugar viscous syrup as the carbohydrate and ammonia as nitrogen source. The expansion media also contain minerals and expansion factors trace elements often obtained from corn sharp liquor but the cassava juice may serve as

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