Monica Ashley Case Essay

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Why do you think that Monica Ashley was so interested in pushing so hard to implement Project Hippocrates? What made her interested in the project?

At first Monica was not interested in leading Project Hippocrates, she intended on moving up in the ranks within her company. However, she was known for intensity and energy when working on a project and figured that she would throw herself at the project and perhaps after one more high-profile success she could move out of program/project management. Also, Monica believed that the President Gary Dorr wanted her to run the Hippocrates project and knew her as a go-getter, who would challenge anyone and analyze extensive data to back up her arguments. It seemed that the leadership she
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Monica had many strengths in managing the project. She quickly realized the need for change and wasted no time in analyzing all available data and determining a path. She could multi-task well, was focused, and exuded confidence. She was hard on herself which is a strength but only to a point. Monica’s main weakness was that she did not understand or seem to want to understand the people behind the project. She was so data driven and did not take the time to engage the key players, or build a sense of cohesiveness around her ideas and data. She focused well on the small picture but lacked the big picture focus that was needed for a cross functional project this size. Monica also relied on a few relationships to carry her through the project, a mistake since these relationships would have backed her as they had previously had she gone through the necessary politicking.

What could Monica have done differently to make the implementation process for Project Hippocrates less contentious?

Monica had great ideas, but she could have instead gathered her staff and Parker’s staff and had a brainstorming session perhaps listing out the pros and cons of each potential project track with all key players in the room. Then everyone could voice their opinions in a non-partial forum. Of course Monica and others could present data, and their beliefs, but whatever decision was made at this lower level, it would at least have more buy-in due to the nature of the

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