Monica And Monica Compare And Contrast

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Register to read the introduction… With her religion being a strong factor in her life so early on, her parents made sure to bring her up virtuous as Catholics could be. Monica’s parents were so devoted to her religious upbringing; they hired a woman servant that helped to rear her in the Catholic Church’s way. As Monica grew older, she was maturing into the woman that her parents had envisioned. Rebekah, born of Jewish descent, became the wife of Isaac. She was chosen by a servant through a sign from God. Should she give water to the servant and his camels, then she would be the woman that was meant for Isaac. According to the book of Genesis, Rebekah became the comfort that Isaac needed since his mother passed on. God brought two people together because according to the scriptures their offspring would create two nations. Both ladies believed in their religion, and believed in the life that was built around the love of the one and only God and creator. Both ladies were gracious and kind but their heart would not be spared of tumultuous circumstances and heart-wrecking …show more content…
Augustine had written of his mother “her patience was so great that his infidelity never became a cause of quarrelling between them.” Patricius was volatile and violent, but yet never placed his hands on Monica. Monica stood firm and strong in beliefs and what she knew God would see her through. Monica’s reasons became more for the children and more so for Augustine which was her youngest son. Monica and Augustine both endured infliction of the heart, which this connection between them was strong. However, her religious convictions, prayers and pleas open the heavens up for answered pleas. Monica’s virtue as a wife and mother stood out among the hundreds of thousands of women during her time. Monica’s passion for God and the attitude that he blessed her with is very worthy to be emulated. Rebekah as well, had a moral conscious to gain prosperity for her son Jacob. The cost in the end may have caused separation within her children, but they were that way inside her womb and at birth. God blessed her with two nations that would grow and become strong leaders. This was a choice in which she made to make future changes to her

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