Money Pit By David Macdonald Analysis

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This paper deals with the article ‘Oak Island’s Mysterious’ “Money Pit”, written by David MacDonald (A Reader's Digest Classic, originally published in 1965). This piece of literature is mysterious as it talks about the treasure which has been excavated by many people but not yet found. The argument will be developed through a critical review of David MacDonald’s article discussing in turn the fact whether the treasure in the Oak Island is natural or man-made, in other words does the treasure really exist. The text poses the question about the existence of the treasure in the Oak Island.

A question shaped island which has remained a question in the sense of a hidden treasure is the topic which is being discussed by David MacDonald. It talks about the mystery of the money pit hidden in the island. The Island lies in the Atlantic coast and it is believed that the pirates have hidden the immense treasure in the remote
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David MacDonald’s article on Oak Island arouses interest in the beginning as it includes words which attract the readers. The article includes some facts which makes me think, if I could visit the island and see if it’s all true. The language used is sophisticated. The ideas are found to be repeated, especially the idea about the depth of the money pit is very confusing. But still the curiosity about the pit remains till the end. According to Joe Nickell, Columnist for Skeptical Inquirer, there are countless theories attempting to explain the contents or purpose of the oak island money pit. He also feels that it is not a man-made pit but rather a natural one. I strongly believe that it really exists. The Excavation of the Pit has never been successful because of the complex traps which were set to protect it. The article gives strong evidence which make the readers believe about the existence of the money pit. It is mystical, but certain words force the readers to look for a

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