Money Is Not the Only Motivation Essay

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Money is not the only Motivating Factor


The aim of this academic research assignment is to look into the area of why I believe Money is not the only motivating factor in our current working society these days. We live in a day & age where people are no longer just interested in being able to earn for a living, although it does enable us to fulfill the basic necessities of our daily lives, like paying for our bills, our transport expenses, etc. However, more than just that, people are now looking for more in their jobs.
Nowadays, people don’t want just a good salary, or a good payment package from their employers, they are also looking for greater meaning & purpose in what they are doing. It takes a combination
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They are usually characterized as people who don’t talk much, and quietly stick to the tasks that have been given to them, and they usually finish their tasks on time & do it very well.

4. Esteem:

Some people, depending on their individual upbringing, may be influenced in different ways. Some individuals grow up in an environment where they are told that they will never be good enough, or amount to anything great in life. Whereas, there are some individuals who grew up in an environment where they are constantly encouraged to improve themselves and strive to be better. They are constantly encouraged that they have great potential & have a great purpose in life.

For those individuals who are told they will not amount to anything great in life, they are usually people who grow up with a low self-esteem. When they come out to work, they tend to be the people who seek out recognition from the bosses & appreciation for their work, as they usually don’t get it at home.

As for individuals with a positive self-esteem, they are usually less likely to need recognition for their achievements. They know themselves well, and they have a very high self-image. These individuals can usually be characterized by their self-driven personality.

5. Self-Actualization:

The final level of need is that workers tend to need to fill a sense of fulfillment knowing that what they have done at work

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