Moffitt's Theory Of Shoplifting In Juveniles

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Shoplifting is a type of larceny that refers to the theft of merchandise from a store or business (CBA, 2016). This crime costs, on average, $33.6 billion per year to US retailers, including both from customers stealing and employee theft (Schmalleger, 2015). Shoplifting is done primarily by juveniles (Schmalleger, 2015). In adults, shoplifting is typical among all social classes even though the most serious is found within the lowest class, however among juveniles the classes almost equally expressed (Schmalleger, 2015). Some data sources have concluded that females represent the majority of offenders. Overall, shoplifting is done by lower class women or juveniles looking to keep themselves entertained.
There are many theories
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The adolescent limited offender will steal because they are immature and seek exhilaration. This behavior is learned and sustained through reinforcement; like their friends thinking they are cool because they got away with stealing some clothes from Walmart. It is unlikely that this behavior will continue past this developmental stage; adolescents mature and recognize that their behavior is not acceptable in society. This explains why the statistics show that juveniles are responsible for the majority of shoplifting as those who fit into the limited offender category will not continue the behavior into adulthood. Society could potentially curb the number of shoplifting incidents by spending more time and money educating youth about the harms and consequences associated with shoplifting. Shoplifting would be one step closer to being eradicated everyone was adolescent limited; then there would be very few offenders who continued stealing into …show more content…
Feminism would explain stalking by the nature of men being aggressive and going for what they want and women being victims and submissive to men’s needs at all times. Additionally, feminism would not explain the gendered differences in the crime because they believe all men and women are equal and commit equal amounts of crime. The researchers in this field would argue that women commit just as many stalking offenses as men do but do not report it out of fear of being seen as feminine. Feminists would also argue that stalking is a crime of power and not passion. The men are stalking the women because they want the women to know they are in power and can control them to do almost anything they want. Women will try and appear dominant in certain circumstances when they are the offender, a rare but still prevalent occurrence. The women will try to stay up to par with the men by engaging in stalking behavior, but this is rare since men are typically the

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