Modernization Of American Military And Economic Hegemony Essay

1015 Words Oct 5th, 2014 5 Pages
Undoubtedly pivotal for world stability, retention of American military and economic hegemony serves as a check against Russian and Chinese spheres of influence. First, in light of recent events, such as Chinese naval modernization and Russia’s recent behavioral problems, deterrence through sheer military might is increasing in importance. What’s not increasing, is defence spending. While cutting down on waste and inefficiencies is fine, indiscriminate cuts, as seen in the recent sequester were a “serious strategic misstep” according to the bipartisan National Defense Panel chartered by our Congress. They also note that “without budgetary relief, the U.S. armed forces soon will be at high risk of not being able to accomplish the national defense strategy.” Smarter, more comprehensive cuts are needed in lieu of across-the-board cuts we saw during the sequester. Otherwise, we’re only putting ourselves at greater risk. In the New Great Game, we need the newest, most advanced pieces on the board; they don’t have to be the most expensive- but we shouldn’t scuttle the ship we’re on before we’re docked for upgrades. Second, going alongside the mention of our budget and the New Great Game, is the need to retain economic hegemony. Luckily, America is doing quite well. The U.S. economy added 248,000 jobs in September, pushing the unemployment rate to 5.9 percent, and making 2014 the best year for job creation this century. Even our deficit has decreased by almost a third…

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