Modernism And Globalization On Traditional Cultures Essays

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The effect of technology, modernism and globalization on traditional cultures is a difficult thing to discuss because of the sheer variety and difference of perspective that is applied to the subject. As a culture changes and the struggle between the Modern and the Traditional rages a cultural war of sorts that is, for the most part, expressed in the arts of the people of the time. This art can be paintings, music, poetry, satire, and many other forms of expression. Popular musical compositions done by The Silk Road Ensemble have an incredible diversity of cultural influence that span from England all the way across the eastern continent through Africa and to China. However, the far more notable would be the works of Bob Marley. Along with influential music, art such as Little Kadogo of the child soldier strikes a powerful image and it was all brought about by the invading influence of modernism and globalization on traditional cultures. As the sphere of influence of extremely advanced cultures grows to new extremes and begins to envelope less advanced cultures that revolve around deeply seeded traditions, they begin to cause an incredibly diverse array of problems. One culture focuses on growth, progress, and getting rid of things that no longer serve a purpose and need to be upgraded. In today’s society, when things become out dated, such as our views on gender identity and sexual orientation, the society molds around the changing minds as it accepts and grows to the…

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