Rise Of Sociology Essay

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An account of modern sociology in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Europe demonstrates how the foundation of Sociology as a discipline was created. The impact of the Industrial Era dictated change in the structure of society, industrialization and urbanization created capitalism and a new working, middle, and consumer class, thus causing a shift in the dynamics of society. Through the classical theorists and founders the development of the basic tenets of sociology would be formed using own field of study as the foundation, for example, religion, ethics, philosophy, law, and economics to craft the discipline of sociology.
Emerging in the nineteenth-century shortly after the French Revolution Sociology begins to form as a subject that will be studied. European civilization and government were changing as a result of revolt, reform, and development. With this the foundation, sociology was emerging and being developed by
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Which was also reinforced and maintained through a hierarchical work environment. This was reinforced by making a clear distinction between a work environment and the home setting. The family unit and gender roles changed during the Industrial Revolution largely as a result of shifts in types of employment available for both men and women. Factories replaced farming and women and children worked alongside men. These social changes were not accepted by all and caused unrest and rebellion. This rebellion and protest was the principles and collective roots of modern day social reform and the study of sociology.
These nineteenth-century intellectuals would later become known as the classical theorists and founders of sociology. They would go on to develop the basic tenets of sociology each using their own field of study, such as religion, ethics, philosophy, law, and economics to explain and develop social

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