Modern Science And The Scientific Revolution Essay

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Modern Science would unarguably be completely different without the Scientific Revolution. It was a major moment in the history of Western Culture, not to mention science and it’s history as a whole. Out of the Scientific Revolution came modern science and things like the scientific method were created. Countless scientific discoveries came from the great research of key figures in the scientific revolution such as Newton, Galileo, and Copernicus. The scientific revolution took place in a location and era where the majority of the population practiced Christianity, so as a result Christianity was a very prominent part of the culture during that time. This fact brings many questions to mind. Particularly the question, was religion a retarding factor or an enabling factor in the establishment of the new science, or was it both? The answer to this question is it was both an enabling factor and a retarding factor, and here is why. Beginning with the ways the Church helped science. First, one of the many ways the Church helped science was with money. Up until the French Revolution, the Church was the main funder and sponsor of scientific research. Beginning in the middle ages, the Church paid for friars, monks, and priests to learn at universities. The Church even pushed for mathematics and science to be a mandatory part of their education. A large amount of the scientific discoveries during this period were made as a result of funding from the Church. In fact, Copernicus…

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